School At Home

Image: Education graphicThe decision to educate your student at home is an important one that can have a lifelong impact on a child. Like so many important decisions, there are both advantages and disadvantages that need to be carefully considered as this is a very time-consuming endeavor but incredibly rewarding.

The Morrow County School District (MCSD) respects a parents decision to homeschool their child and wants to work collaboratively with them to provide the best education possible. To help facilitate this partnership, the MCSD is developing its school at home program that will help provide the means for parents to educate their child within their home by providing not only curriculum but academic support as well at no cost. Please utilize the links below to explore the curriculum options currently available.

School At Home (K - 6) Online (7 - 12)

Other non-secular curriculum, may be available pending approval by a committee comprised of district administration, teachers, and parents.

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For additional information on how to provide a quality education at home in partnership with the Morrow County School District, please contact Craig Bensen, Instructional Programs Coordinator, at (541) 922-4004 or by email at (subject: School%20At%20Home)