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book with educationThe decision to educate your student at home is an important one that can have a lifelong impact. Like so many critical decisions, there can be an overwhelming number of things to consider. With that in mind, please know the Morrow County School District (MCSD) is here to help. We've done the research for you and streamlined your options.

Choose from one of our many pre-approved on-line or hands-on curricula or perhaps a combination of classes at home and elective classes on campus. We provide the academic and technology support for both you and your student through weekly contact with a local teacher weekly!

Students enrolled in Morrow Academy are eligible to participate in OSAA school sports and music, school events, field trips, after-school learning programs, academic nights and more. Participating students have the opportunity to walk with their graduating class and participate in all graduation activities within their community.

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For additional information on how to provide a quality education at home in partnership with the Morrow County School District, please contact Marie Shimer, Director of Educational Services, at (541) 922-4016or by email at (subject: School%20At%20Home)