About Morrow Education Center

Morrow Education Center (MEC) is located in Irrigon, Oregon and serves as the alternative program for the Morrow County School District. On average MEC provides an educational opportunity for 40 students grades seven through twelve. As is true for all Morrow County schools, MEC serves a diverse population. Students attending MEC are admitted on a referral system supported by all feeder district administrators.

Morrow Education Center recognizes the importance of alternative educational opportunities within the educational community. Therefore, we work extremely hard to provide students with comprehensive learning experiences using state-of-the-art computer technology and methodology including—Acellus Credit Recovery.  We have also expanded our educational opportunties to include school at home and GED options as well.

The staff at MEC are extremely nurturing, dedicated and demanding. Our vision is to prepare our student body with the necessary academic and behavioral tools to insure continued student success whether they return to the traditional school setting or graduate from MEC with a diploma.